Doing it for the cause. ‘Vine’ stars take aim at BIG tobacco with new Truth Initiative campaign

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stateside thumbWe’ve seen them work for Sony, Hanes, HP, and the evolution of Vine stars into mainstream marketers continues. Logan Paul, Christian DelGrosso, Allicattt, and Jerry Purpdrank have teamed up with Truth Initiative to use their 15 second storytelling skills in the fight against Big Tobacco.

Truth Initiative and agency 72andSunny invited the Viners to co-direct each spot with director Jason Farrand using social-media-speak to debunk popular myths surrounding social smoking. It’s the latest incarnation of the anti-tobacco organization’s goal of ending tobacco use among young people for good. Since the first Truth ads began running 15 years ago, the teen smoking rate has plummeted from 23% to just 8% today. The videos will début on TV during the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead on October 4 and the première of The Walking Dead on October 11. View full article

Jeff Beer (01 October 2015) Vine Stars take aim at big tobacco with new truth initiative campaign [business editorial]. Retrieved from


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