V2V2 | Flashing Lights by Inkswel (Kid Sublime Remix) | Superfoods Vol.3 via BBE Music

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do the mashFormer b-boy and self-confessed ‘drum-machine obsessive’ Inkswel first popped his locks down-under in Australia, where he began life as one Jules Habib but his cosmopolitan outlook on music and life has taken him places of late. He’s now as at home in London and Amsterdam as in Melbourne and Adelaide, all cities where he has put in studio time. In the past year, he has been as busy as ever, dropping his Nomoresuckas EP on Burek Records. Other releases have come on This Thing, Wolf Music, Kinfolk, City Fly, Lumberjacks In Hell, and Dopeness Galore. Inkswel also formed 2 new group projects; Earlybird Soul System with vocalist Charli James and Uglyink with house veteran Ugly DrumsRA
Between house, boogie, soul, and electronica, Inkswel is gaining a reputation for his unique take on eclectic-electronic-soul. Containing original Inkswel tracks/remixes, Superfoods Vol.3 also features new versions of stand-out tracks from the first two volumes, remixed by Kid Sublime, DJ Nature, and Tom Noble among others. With stellar vocal performances from regular associates Merwyn Sanders and Charli James, Superfoods Vol.3 takes the listener on a mouth-watering journey from head-nod to dance-floor and back again – BBE Music


Release date: TBC via BBE Music
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Superfruits’

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