Vapemail for Dr B’ | The Royal Hunter RDA (authentic) by The Council of Vapor

vapemail royal hunter

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The Royal Hunter by The Council of Vapor

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“Clean stainless steel look, the simplistic design of The Royal Hunter packs a whole lot of cloud creation from a larger than life atomizer. Don’t let the beauty in its design disguise the potential it contains. With its high flow wide bore drip tip, its unlike any other drip tip you’ve seen. Created for the experienced vaper, coil build options are endless. Larger terminating posts will indulge in larger wires and more cotton for less dripping. For something that competes with the best of the best, The Royal Hunter brings it for you on the battlefield where true champions are crowned” – Council of Vapor 

Material: Stainless Steel1401286_580467042024899_635599773_o
– Diameter: 22mm
– Height: 24mm
– Weight: 31 grams
– 20 gauge wire+

Wide bore Drip Tip (honeycomb ‘anti spit-back’)
‘T’ style centre post
Silver plated contact
Adjustable air flow
Adapter for standard size Drip Tips

royal hunter collage

Full review HERE

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