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DIY Kit V2 by Coil Master

  • Product type: Coiling jig/tools/accessories 
  • Recommended stockist: UK Ecig Station
  • Customisation options: None (all-inclusive kit)
  • Price: *£34.99 (*best price per date of review)

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Coil Master jig duo

Each DIY Kit V2 contains:

  • Coil Master V3
  • Silicone rubber coil rod(s) block
  • Diagonal pliers/wire snips
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Stainless steel folding scissorsCoil_Master_New_Logo.jpg.8dfaba5bed0e5d5b1a19cd8182f4fbb6
  • Pen styled cross screwdriver
  • Pen styled straight screwdriver
  • Ceramic tweezers
  • Elbow tweezers
  • Kanthal wire (10ft/24 gauge)
  • 3 x Organic cotton sheets (MUJI Japan)
  • Ohm/voltage meter (requires 2 x AA batteries)
  • Cut out for 2 x 18650 batteries (not supplied)
  • Silicon rubber/hard case

Coil Master tweezer montage

What they say

“Everything you need to wrap coils is in our DIY Kit V2”

What Dr B’ says

Coil Master scissors montageThe Good

  • A tool for everything!
  • Excellent build quality 
  • Coil Master V3 is ‘idiot proof’
  • Wide range of coil diameters possible 
  • Folding scissors are super sharp
  • Portable and protected hard case

The Bad

  • Mini screwdriver doesn’t fit for non-contact coils
  • No rod for super nano coils (less than 1.5mm)
  • 10ft/3m of wire will not last long
Coil Master are 100% bang on the money with the DIY Kit V2, in more ways than one. At this affordable price point, you will be knocking out perfectly constructed macro, micro, and nano coils within minutes. It really couldn’t be any easier for new and seasoned builders alike to take care of all their coily needs in 1 package. Build quality across the whole kit is superb with special mentions going to the ‘core’ tools of wire snips, ceramic tweezers, and folding scissors.

Coiling jig demonstration. Note: This is an older version of the Coil Master and isn’t the V3 jig included in the DIY Kit V2, although the same principles apply
Coil Master pliers montageThe heart of the DIY Kit is the Coil Master V3 coiling jig, with a coil diameter range of 1.5-4.0mm which should meet the vast majority of vapers’ needs. Want to build super-nano-sized or less than 1.5mm? Unfortunately you will have to look elsewhere. Overall though, the V3 is an industry standard for good reason, ergonomic, intuitive, labelled clearly, it really is as simple as selecting the required rod size, feeding the wire through and hey hey you’re away! Dr B’ can testify that parallel coils are also a snip (excuse pun). The biggest concern with the V3? The blue mini screwdriver just doesn’t fit the screws that adjust the spacing between each ‘wrap’ for non-contact coils. This isn’t a major problem as it is easy enough to (manually) pull the wire with the needle nose pliers to space the wraps to your choosing but should be highlighted as a flaw.
Coil Master screwdriver montageThe rest of goodies to be found in the DIY Kit V2 are self-explanatory yet essential items nonetheless. All packaged and protected in a foam filled hard case that is a one man/woman portable coiling station. When all is said and done, we and the B’ cannot recommend the DIY Kit V2 more highly, yes there are a couple of minor niggles but are far outweighed by the extensive array of practical advantages the V2 has in its arsenal. We would bet our bottom dollar that it’s simply not possible to individually piece together all of these tools on offer (like for like quality) yourself and get anywhere near this price point. For that reason alone, Coil Master remain at the very top of their game!

Dr B: 4.7/5      Realization: 4.8/5      Overall: 4.8/5

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