Dr B’s Film Club | Cocaine: Narcos, Sicarios and Peru (VICE Special)


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“Dr B’s Film Club is a showcase for the ‘Short Films’ we are currently digging here at B’ Vaping HQ. Not ALWAYS constrained exclusively to vape or #vapelife. We and the B’ peruse the dusty depths of the web for all manner of celluloid art…popcorn-tastic times”
Dr B’s Film Club showing: 

Cocaine: Narcos, Sicarios and Peru

“How Pablo Escobar’s legacy of violence drives today’s cartel wars”


01-parental-advisory-edit-81Pablo Escobar, mastermind of drug trafficking and narco terrorism in Colombia during the 1980s. He transformed the city of Medellin into the cocaine capital of the world, and pioneered a model that almost every major criminal organization would later adopt. Countries around the globe are still grappling with the aftermath of Escobar’s reign 20 years after his death, from the hired killers he trained as his army of underage hitmen to the remote cocaine labs and clandestine air strips in the jungles of Peru helping feed the world’s hunger for coke – VICE

Pt.1: Two DEA agents who spent years on the trail of the elusive king of cocaine; Pablo Escobar

Pt.2:  A former Escobar hitman; Elmo Molina who now helps guide young gang members out of the murder business

Pt.3: We embed with the Peruvian National Police


Views & opinions expressed in this film are those of the professionals involved and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Dr B’ Vaping

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