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do the mashRoland Tings is on a hot streak right now. He’s just come off the Listen Out festival tour, has been on a national headline tour and has also lined up appearances at Paradise Music Festival and Sugar MountainHedonist comes as his popularity is at a career peak but that hasn’t made him change a thing. The track is an eight minute plus, club-burner that sizzles away with crisp production and industrial beat work. The track comes off the back of his self-titled LP which was released last year. Hedonist gives us even more, it has an effortless endurance to it that gets it through its eight minutes without sounding tired. There are short-lasting climaxes, intense layering, and moments of serene space, making this sound like something only masters like Nicholas Jarr and Four Tet could pull off. Really incredible, mature stuff from a producer that just continues to get more exciting – The Interns
Sold out shows, big sounds and praise are things that Melbourne producer Roland Tings is getting well and truly used to. Soaring in off the back of his debut self-titled album, the beatmaker has indulged our eardrums with a brand new track off an upcoming EP. Filled to the brim with machine-driven beats, ever-rising synths and complex rhythms, the eight minute long joyride that is Hedonist shows exactly why Roland Tings has solidified himself as one of the best. Hedonist takes aspects from classical house blending it within a cocktail of tribal-esque electronic sounds that are guaranteed to fill a dark club dance floor. One hit of those swirling tropical synths will have you begging for a dance – Stoney Roads


Release date: Out Now via Soothsayer
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Hedonistic Honey Cake’

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