V2V2 | Dr B’ Vaping Office Playlist #008

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Dr B’ Vaping Office Playlist #008

Monthly, vibey, playlist-pleasures for all the connoisseurs amongst us, as we arrive at volume eight in the series. Hitting the ground running since the last instalment, saw us awarding our second ever MAX SCORE: 5/5 to the quite impeccable Teenage Engineering by Roman Flügel and his masterpiece takes pride of place here in #008.

Elsewhere, its straight up, no chasing any filler as it’s all damn killer! Spanning the electronic spectrum as always these are the cuts that have been doing the business for we and the B’ this month. Hold tight for delights from…

Machine Drum, Kassem Mosse, Gerd, Fort Romeau, Damian Lazarus + (frankly) MORE 2 MENTION…enjoy

playlist 8 jellyfish

re-JUICE, re-LAX, crank the dial, and let Dr B’ supply the only Vibes 2 Vape 2

Keep on chugging!

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