E-liquid manufacturers Alchemy e-Lixirs, Virgin Vapor, & Orb Vapor face legal action over ‘deceptive’ (organic) labelling & false claims

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stateside thumbThe state announced three actions to stop deceptive advertising and labelling by e-cigarette liquid or e-liquid manufacturers. The Washington State Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit against Alchemy e-Lixirs for making unproven health claims, for deceptive labelling, and for selling products as organic without being certified. It also required two other companies that labelled e-liquid as organic without being certified, Jai Mundi, which produces Virgin Vapor brand and Orb Vapor to enter into agreements to stop their deceptive labelling.

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“Washington consumers have a right to expect product labels to be truthful” Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. E-cigarettes have grown in popularity since their introduction to US markets in 2007. The e-cigarette market is a $3.5 billion industry, and thousands of e-cigarette businesses have opened across the country. Following this expansion and public discussion about the health claims of vaping, the inhalation of vaporized solvent, usually containing nicotine, some e-cigarette businesses began marketing their e-liquid as organic.
Alchemy e-Lixirs
Alchemy e-Lixirs manufactures and sells e-liquids that it claims are 100% organic. It advertised that, because its e-liquids are organic, the products are safe, healthy, and completely free from any potential harm.


Some of the ingredients in Alchemy e-Lixirs are organic but not 100% of them, adding Alchemy failed to produce any evidence to verify its health claims. Alchemy hasn’t established that its e-liquid, whether organic or not, is safe and healthy, he said. Alchemy has also failed to obtain organic certification as required by Washington’s organic products law.
Jai Mundi and Orb Vapor
orbvaporJai Mundi and Orb Vapor manufacture and sell what they call organic e-liquid, but both failed to obtain organic certification as required by state law, Ferguson said. In addition, Jai Mundi and Orb Vapor claimed that their products are made with organic ingredients even when the products contained less than 70%. Under Washington law, which incorporates federal organic regulations, the phrase “made with organic” ingredients generally may not be used to label and promote products that contain less than 70% organic ingredients.
Jai Mundi and Orb Vapor have entered into agreements with the Attorney General’s Office and they’ve come into compliance with state and federal laws regulating organic products. Ferguson said Orb Vapor isn’t labelling and advertising its products as organic, and Jai Mundi has discontinued some products, modified labels, and is completing the organic certification process. Read full article
Legal documents: Alchemy e-Lixirs | Virgin Vapor/Jai Mundi | Orb Vapor

virgin vapor

Rita R.Robinson (28 October 2015) State takes action on deceptive labeling of ‘organic’ e-cigarette liquids [editorial]. Retrieved from http://ow.ly/TZonE


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