V2V2 | Clash DJ Mix by Sepalcure (a.k.a Machinedrum & Braille) via ClashMusic/Hotflush Recordings

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do the mashThe first Sepalcure EP’s combination of a love for bass and 90’s house acapellas was the culmination of a cathartic 2010 collaboration between two enigmatic musicians; Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Braille). Since that first release the Sepalcure sound has expanded, taking in elements of tribal dub, footwork, and 2-step garage. Culminating in their debut album of 2011. Building on a foundation of solid groove, the pair draw from their expansive musical backgrounds to deliver a genuine emotional sensibility and melodies which evoke sensuality. For that rare trick, Sepalcure are in a class of their own – Hotflush Recordings


The (sort of) recently reformed Sepalcure are back with the Fight For Us EP on Hotflush. To celebrate, they’ve put together this mix of ’90s garage, bassline, 2-step, and dub, with a few hints of house/techno thrown in for good measure. We’re not sure if we can expect a new full-length just yet, but Braille and Machinedrum have confirmed that a Fleur remix EP will be released next year with edits from FaltyDL, Jimmy Edgar, and DaedelusComplex
“Always making it BANG! A deadly duo” – Dr B’



Release date: ‘Free to the world’ via ClashMusic
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Clash of the Truffles’

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