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11167670_677127775747675_27171061244664982_nMuch like fellow vapers across the pond here in the UK, Europe, and wider-world, US vapers and businesses alike are currently facing and wading through the pre-regulatory quagmire with a distinct feeling of uneasiness. The FDA has sent its final rule to regulate to The White House for approval and the waiting game is a tad tiresome to say the least. One Californian advocacy group in particular is fighting for vapers’ rights front and centre…

“…FDA Regs is a project from NOT Blowing Smoke intended to provide a ‘one-stop’ source of information and news about the FDA’s deeming regulation for vapor products and electronic cigarettes. One of the greatest strengths of NOT Blowing Smoke is the ability to take complicated and complex subject matter and distil it down to an easily understandable format. Straightforward information is crucial when dealing with legislation and regulation of this nature to ensure our collective voice speaks loudly on the key issues…” –

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