Stick it 2 the stinkies! BIG tobacco continues with heavy investment, against ‘blossoming’ reductions in smoking rates

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 *BIG tobacco & its promotional tactics: Vermont analysis

What pops into your head when you hear the word advertising? Is it a flashy television ad, a page in a magazine, a pop-up on your screen, a flier in the newspaper, a billboard (but not in Vermont) or something else? You may not realize it, but a lot of advertising happens right at the store itself, both inside and outside.
This advertising is called Point of Sale, meaning the advertising takes place right where the product is sold. It includes product placement, promotions, and discounts. Did you know that big tobacco companies spend $19 million a year in Vermont just to subsidize cigarette promotions and discounts at the store level? That is $19,000 for every tobacco retailer in Vermont. Some companies offer rebates to stores to put their products in prime store locations, making the decision to not sell cigarettes a difficult one for some retailers.
Promotions, discounts, and coupons are important because high price is one of the key factors in lowering smoking rates. This kind of marketing encourages people to engage in unhealthy behavior and to believe that the unhealthy behavior is more widespread than it actually is. Based on the sheer shelf space in some stores, you might think that everybody smokes, but we know that smoking rates are declining and are currently at 13 percent for Vermont youth and 18 percent for adults. Read full article

**US Study finds ecigs’ help some smokers quit cigarettes

Rutgers study has found that people who have quit smoking cigarettes within the last year are four times more likely than current smokers to use e-cigarettes daily. The study, published recently in Nicotine & Tobacco Research was conducted by the School of Public Health and the Schroeder Institute the research arm of Truth Initiative. “This is in line with other recent evidence that regular, daily e-cigarette use may help some smokers quit cigarettes” said Cristine Delnevo, researcher at the School of Public Health.
The researchers, who used data from the 2014 National Health Interview Survey say that approximately half of all daily cigarette smokers have tried e-cigarettes. “The highest prevalence of daily e-cigarette use was among current smokers and former smokers who quit within the past year.” Read full article


***UK ‘Stoptober’ – 215k smokers ditch the stinkies

Public Health England (PHE) has revealed that over 215,000 smokers signed up to this year’s Stoptober, the country’s 28-day mass quitting challenge, reflecting latest figures which show substantial reductions in smoking over the last 30 years. The latest official figures show rates across England have fallen dramatically since the mid eighties, from a third of the population in 1985 to less than a fifth now (18%), meaning there are 37% fewer smokers than 30 years ago.
The significant decline in smoking can also be seen in the reduction in the number of households that include a smoker, from 50% in 1985 to 21% in 2013. Since 1985, there have been many changes both in attitudes and introduced through legislation. Tobacco advertising is no longer allowed, work and public places are smokefree, and tobacco displays must be covered up in all shops. However, there are still around 8 million smokers in England and smoking causes almost 80,000 deaths per year. Read full article

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