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do the mashDaniel Leseman and Hans Peeman roots are firmly set in the Netherlands ever since they became partners in crime at high school in Nijmegen. Hans took his hand to creative drawing and this artistic flare started to pay his bills as he became a graphic designer. Daniel’s obsession with music led him to study sound design and music production. Daniel started producing dance music under the name 3 Colours and has been using his own name for a few years now, while continuing to teach sound design in Amsterdam, and Hans makes music as Junktion; but their childhood days brought them to collaborating in the studio and the Fouk project was born – Jack Music Agency
Fouk first caught our attention in 2014 with their First Things First début on Output. The Dutch duo then followed it up with releases on Room With A View and Detroit Swindle’s Heist. They now deliver their fourth EP, Gruff, on London-based House of Disco Records. The title track and our favourite off the release, is an amalgamation of all funk music’s greatness; a walking bassline underpin, groove-fuelled guitar licks, heady melodies on a wah-wah synth, and dreamy vocal snippets. A healthy tribute to old-school funk in a modern-day format fit for any dancefloor – Boiler Room Debuts


Release date: January 18th 2016 via The House of Disco
Dr B’s recommended juice: Fouk-ing Gruff-y Grapefruit’

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