#VapeArt (literally!) US company; Nebula exhibits 3D printed mods at Paris museum

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europe callingTwo items manufactured in down-town Mesa, AZ are part of a year-long exhibit at the Smoking Museum in Paris (Le musée du Fumeur) that focuses on e-cigarettes. Nebula was invited to showcase two mods that were manufactured on site using 3D printing. The Art of Vape – 10 Years retrospective on the e-cig, opened in September. Nebula is a relatively new business in downtown Mesa. It was founded and is owned and operated by siblings Gladys and Francisco Contreras and their dad, Manuel. It’s been on Main Street for a year, after operating on Macdonald Street for a year.
Besides manufacturing and selling parts for electronic cigarettes, the business features Nebula Vaping, a vaping lounge; manufactures and sells the e-juice used in an electronic cigarette; and sells some clothing from a sister company. The business came about mostly because of Francisco’s endless desire to tinker with things, he said. He’s always been interested in technology and as a kid was “always tearing things apart.” He thought he’d be a scientist when he grew up, but later realized what he really wanted to do was be a research and design engineer. Today he’s found a way bring those two interests together “in a novel way.”

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He started smoking as a teenager and by age 18 “realized it was bad and I needed to stop.” About five years ago he ordered his first e-cigs online, from an overseas firm, because “no one in the US was selling them then, but the factories in China were pumping them out.” He soon found the products were far from high quality and broke a lot. “I realized I could use my technology to” make a better product, he said. So, Nebula was created. Initially the family started making the liquid, or e-juice. Nebula juices are made from 100 percent organic vegetable glycerin, Gladys said. They use only the top 1 percent of the 100 grades of that product sold on the market.
The juices have fun names, including Butter Beer, Wormhole, Ultra Violet, Milky Way, and Pumpkin Pie. Meanwhile, Francisco started experimenting with the hardware side of vaping products. Their ultimate goal? “To compete on a national level” Francisco said, “to reach an international audience.” So far, so good. They ship their products to vendors in 28 countries. One of their biggest customers is Zample Box. Nebula ships that firm somewhere between 10,000 and 25,000 bottles of e-juice a month. Read full article


Shelley Ridenour (22 November 2015) Vaping business invited to Paris art show [online newspaper]. Retrieved from http://ow.ly/UYKnc

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