Dairy delights…? Fresh Cream, Custard Cream, & Yogurt | DIY Concentrates by FlavourArt

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Fresh Cream, Custard Cream, & Yogurt by FlavourArt

  • Product type: Flavour Concentrates
  • Size (ml): 10 (each)logo
  • Concentration (%): See individual reviews
  • Born: Oleggio, Italy
  • Recommended stockist: FA UKecigzoo

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What they say

“…Quality for us means much more than a low price and it should be more than just getting what you pay for. FlavourArt is dedicated to making and selling quality products. Quality should include a state of the art product, at the right price, with performance when and where you need it most. We sell flavours for endless use and formulate them in the most efficient way, concentrated products that perform well in a range from 0.1-0.5%. However, different applications, processing, and composition might require more. Use and personal taste are a combination of science and human preferences. Experimentation is needed before achieving satisfactory results. Always examine the quality, the performance, and the true end price which is determined by your usage level…”

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What Dr B’ says

“…When it comes to creating DIY champion juice, the adage ‘different strokes for different folks’ springs to mind. Peeps and their palate’s will favour certain flavour profiles over others, particular aromatic notes and construction etc. That being said, Dr B’s descriptions serve to help outline the characteristics of each flavour concentrate, their use within recipes, and recommendations for efficient outcomes. Disclaimer ALERT over, let’s get down to juicy business…”

Fresh Cream

Recommended concentration (%): 0.5-2
Smooth operator! An extremely accurate replication of unsweetened cream with zero vanilla. A singular natural tasting concentrate for a singular purpose; to add creaminess to your creations. Used in higher concentrations, Fresh Cream is detectable as an almost ‘cooling’ front note on the inhale. What is mighty impressive here is the versatility of its use…fruits, baked goods, desserts, tobaccos, and almost anything you care to think of. Dr B’ rates this very highly, absolutely essential and absolutely fundamental for perfecting recipe smoothness.
Dr B: 4.8/5      Realization: 4.9/5      Overall: 4.9/5

Custard Cream

Recommended concentration (%): 1-4
Italian don! Classic-creamy-custard with milk, egg yolk, lemon, sugar, and a hint of vanilla. Sweet and wonderful ‘home-made and natural’ construction serves as a succulent base alone, or with all manner of fruits, pastries, and puddings. Dr B’ has been knocking out some particularly palatable banana, biscuit, and coconut varieties using this lil’ fella. However, this is not a vanilla rich concentrate like more conventional custards. It is a non synthetic tasting, organic formula, and is all the better for it. At lower concentrations it boosts sugar levels and offsets starker flavours. Used more freely (4-5%) Custard Cream is exactly that, a creamy, thick vapour texture which will give a kick to juicy proceedings.
Dr B: 4.6/5      Realization: 4.8/5      Overall: 4.7/5


Recommended concentration (%): 0.5-3
Yog 4 the fog! A revised and improved formula, FlavourArt Yogurt is now virtually dikatone free but still contains a small percentage of Acetoin. Plain yet versatile, this is a handy base addition to any recipe creation, whether as a subtle note to accentuate other flavours or generally increase the smoothness of any profile. If eager to use at a higher percentage, Dr B’ recommends pairing with other sweet fruit notes, like apricot or lychee. A little imagination is needed when combining this in any recipe to prevent against an otherwise slightly bland taste. The replication is on point here though as the yogurts role is always the vessel to carry the flavour…yogified yumminess!
Dr B: 4.4/5      Realization: 4.7/5      Overall: 4.6/5


NET Overall: 4.7/5

Bottom line

“Dairy delights, expertly constructed, versatile, and a real addition to any DIYer’s kit. Who ever said Art doesn’t have a purpose?”

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