V2V2 | Immolate EP | Axiom by KOMMUNE1 on Infinite Machine via Watch The Hype

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After a set of impressive releases on Lone’s imprint Magic Wire and Berlin-based Leisure System, Kommune1 is back with another project. The London-based producer is set to release Immolate via Infinite MachineBringing to your ears the first play of Axiom, it’s the third track off the EP and is defined as ‘a premise or starting point of reasoning’. After goggling the definition whilst playing this soothing track in the background, the sounds started to fit it’s description. Hazy, atmospheric synth work, much like the sounds of Route 8 and other Lobster Theremin affiliates, is coupled with a powerful beat and a repeating vocal sample that drifts in and out of the eight minute track. It’s hypnotic progression floods your mind with clarity and reasoning, making it’s title incredibly apt – Watch The Hype
Leisure System alum Kommune1 has been a fixture of the Infinite Machine family for a while, but it’s only now that he graces us with an EP’s worth of originals. Immolate is easily his most accomplished work to date, seamlessly integrating his many influences into a cohesive, absorbing whole. Axiom is an exercise in suspended animation, capturing an ideal moment in time and repeating it every other beat, gradually introducing achronic artefacts that gently hold the listener’s hand throughout the hypnotic progression – Infinite Machine
“Spacey, dubby, and damn right hypnotizing. Cloud FIRE!” – Dr B 



Release date: 27th November 2015 on Infinite Machine
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Kommune Kumquat’

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