Closing out 2015: Forthcoming, feature rich, and ‘finger’ full!

currently steeping
Untitled drawing (2)
The express service to the forthcoming content we and the B’ have cherry-picked and deemed NOT TO BE MISSED!…

Blimey Charlie! Its been a bloomin’ bumper 2015 and we’re looking forward to an equally giddy and busy start to 16′. Not so much out with the old but certainly in with the NEW! We and the B’ are mighty busy shaping up things at the mo’. Alongside all the usual favourites, breaking vaping news, and culture, hold tight for brand spanking new content including…
IMMINENT: Glacier II RDA Review | FlavourArt Concentrates (cont’) 
NOT FAR AWAY: Fuzion Cotton | Mini Buddha RDA Review
LIL’ BIT LATER: 2015 In Review | B’s Best 2015 | Stone Cold Classics


DR B’ VAPING – all things #vapelife


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