VAPE-ware SHED | Temp’ Resistant Highly Absorbent Cotton by Fuzion (full review) | MAX SCORE: 5/5

new vape-ware shed

fuzion cotton twin main

MASTER 5out5Highly Absorbent Temperature Resistant Cotton by Fuzion

  • Product type: Wicking materials
  • Recommended stockist: The Vapour Bar | Evolution Vaping 
  • Customisation options: None (product as advertised)
  • Price: *£8 (*best price per date of review)

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fuzion cotton ballball

Fuzion Cotton specifications:

  • Highly absorbent fuzion cotton
  • Temperature resistant
  • 100% natural/organic
  • Made by vapers for vapers
  • Double lidded container

fuzion cotton dual close up

What they say

“…highly absorbent, temp’ resistant, 100% natural cotton. Designed for one sole purpose; vaping. Made in the Philippines. Fuzion is a huge box of cotton that when dripped has no cotton taste at all…”

What Dr B’ says

The Good
  • As fluffy as a backcombed kitten!
  • Remains saturated for longer
  • Can dry burn without too many worriesfuzion side cotton
  • No taste of cotton whatsoever
  • Sizeable cotton ball – will last ages
  • Easy to work and shape
  • Box ensures cotton retains its profile

The Bad

  • Is fairly pricey
  • Errr you will be glum when it’s all gone ;P
Finding the best wicking material is often overlooked for the other components of a vaper’s set-up; the mod, the atty, the juice etc. We concede, in the grand scheme of things, choosing cotton isn’t the sexiest of considerations or decisions you might ever make, that said, it’s arguably just as essential to any rebuilder’s requirements when striving for the perfect vape. Cue Fuzion and their BIG ball of the white stuff. This is without doubt, a complete no-brainer for we and the B’…Fuzion Cotton is the fluffiest, most absorbent, workable, and zero-cotton-tasting wick, bar none!
fuzion cotton ball fluffy
In its handsome, transparent, double lidded box, this is about as sexy as vaping-cotton is going to get. The roll of cotton is substantial, offsetting somewhat the only minor niggle we have with the high-end price point, trust us this is one cotton ball that will last a looooong time though! The texture is cloud-like fluffiness, wonderfully soft, and begging to be saturated within an inch of its juicy life.
Performance-wise, things are impressive…liquid absorbency is pretty damn outstanding and even when you have vaped the juice dry off the coils, you will be hard pushed (within reason) to get a burnt filled taste in the mouth. In fact, Dr B’ (in the name of fair testing) punished things somewhat and was mighty surprised and happy to report at just how resilient it is to a good scorching.
fuzion cotton montage coil build
When all is said and done, it does seem a lil’ bit redundant to try to contextualize further the merits of a product that delivers on every level. The adage ‘it does exactly what is says on the tin’ couldn’t be more apt in this case, even if it happens to be a container and not a tin ha. Rest assured that if you were in any doubt as to whether all cotton is born equal, Fuzion is certainly a case in point…Fully-fluffy-Fuzion-flavour!

Bottom line

“…hands down Fuzion (up to this point) is the very best cotton we and the B’ have ever wicked with. Nuff’ said really. Essential…”
MASTER 5out5

Dr B: 5/5      Realization: 5/5      Overall: 5/5

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