STONE-COLD-CLASSIC Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Hell Dance With Me by Cappuccino (Dimitri From Paris Edit) via Black Sun Recordings

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do the mashSocial political upheavals have long exerted a direct influence on beauty, culture, and fashion. Despite economic hardships during World War II, red lipstick became a national statement of patriotism. Dance crazes stormed Europe in advance of World War I, and the bikini was christened in 1946, after the atomic testing site in the Pacific. All that to say there was a reason disco was born in the 70s, amidst Watergate and Vietnam. Few periods of American history were as dark or required escapism so desperately. We can say without reservation, that we can understand why escapism, decadence, beauty, and luxury ­might be what we crave right now. If only to balance out the gravity of events at home and abroad. As Jonathan Larson said “The opposite of war isn`t peace, it’s creation” – Rapster Records
Hell, a perfect disco track, a perfect dance record for any given time. Yet, being an older track it has a very modern, minimal feel. A simple, repetitive bassline; so massive! With an overall minimal arrangement it makes Hell Dance With Me from Cappucino a banger any time. Hope you dig, you should! – Trust My Beats
I have been collecting disco records for quite a while. I figured it would be a little bit less anal to actually share those ridiculously expensive records with people who may not have the chance to know or own them. I wanted those cuts to be unusual, but with playability in mind. In most cases, I slightly edit them in order to facilitate their integration with more sounds. Quite a few of them have been actually tried and positively tested on many an international dancefloor. I hope you will enjoy – Dimitri From Paris
“Dance-a-thon disco deepness…Hell, dance with B!” – Dr B’

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Release date: Reissued and available via Black Sun
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Stone-Cold-Classic-Cappuccino’ 

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