B’s BEST 2015: Top 5 Drippers

B's BEST final

top5 drippers

B’s Best 2015: Top 5 Drippers

B’s Best: The finest VAPE-ware, JUICE-ware, HARD-ware…all things #vapelife

Everyday we’re dripping baby! The RDA experience is often imitated but never equalled! Here we countdown the TOP 5 DRIPPERS we and the B’ have been fortunate enough to either review and/or own, have experience with, or hold the highest level of regard for…in some cases all of the former ha.
2015 has seen unrivalled levels of innovation and performance and there are (quite frankly) scores of drippers that just miss the mark for us, yet deserve a shout-out nonetheless. From the infamous Twisted Messes to the behemoth Buddha Z V2 that spawned the incredible Mini Buddha (in our list) into a more manageable form factor.
Countless-cloudy-capers to be had then, yet these 5 are the ones that have blown us (literally) away, catering in their own unique ways to our own unique styles of vaping.



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Royal Hunter by The Council of Vapor

“…The Hunter’s most impressive achievement is the quite staggering level of flavour it produces…”
Dr B’s Vape-ware Shed original review HERE

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Glacier II by Vaperz Cloud

“…The Glacier II is a top drawer RDA that will keep both flavour fans and cloud converts smiling like a Cheshire cat…”
Dr B’s Vape-ware Shed original review HERE

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Kennedy 22/24 by Kennedy Enterprises

“…damn, this is just (nearly) as good as it gets…”
Dr B picks 3: Kennedy 22/24mm V2 RDA HERE

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Mini Buddha by Vaperz Cloud

“…With a total of (how high can you count?) 40! air holes, this lil’ fella packs some juicy punch…”
Dr B’s Vape-ware Shed review HERE



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Velocity by AvidVaper/Dino Ferrari

“…Innovation across the board from the revolutionary 2 post design to the copious cloud options. A leader NOT a follower…”
Pixxie Puffs 1:1 Clone review HERE

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