B’s BEST 2015: Top 5 Juices

B's BEST final

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B’s Best 2015: Top 5 Juices

B’s Best: The finest VAPE-ware, JUICE-ware, HARD-ware…all things #vapelife

What a juice-tastical 2015 its been. We and the B’ have been lucky enough to sup’ some outstanding liquids throughout the year and have had many a visiting vendor pop by both The Juice Bar and Mini Bar. Alas, everyone loves a list and everyone digs a winner yeah?
With that in mind, the TOP 5 JUICES have been ranked via their individual scores (as per date of their reviews) and in the situation of any equal scores, Dr B’ settled any squabbles with his personal score. Please note, DIY flavourings are exempt from this list as we are solely concerning ourselves with pre-made juice-ware here.
These 5 are in our humble opinion the crème de la crème of our year and we would like to extend a BIG ups to all of the finalists (and) to the other juices that just missed the list…




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controversa b's best main

Controversa by Fuu (Vaporean range)

“…Gigantic juicy action supplied care of that rich and ripe Raspberry is bolstered by the quite delectable and striking Eucalyptus…”
Dr B’s Mini Bar original review HERE

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alchemists cupboard choc peanut main

Choc’ Peanut Butter Cookies by The Alchemists Cupboard

“…It is extremely rare to find every single element of a flavour profile working in perfect harmony together…”
Dr B’s Juice Bar original review HERE

number background 3

kind juice e nectars midnight main

Midnight Decadence by Kind Juice E-Nectars

“…The vapour is as smooth as Lionel Richie bathing in buttermilk…”
Dr B’s Juice Bar original review HERE

number background 2


Lychee by Cloudz Vapour (London)

“…Lychee is near perfect. Balanced sweetness, clean and crisp, sensationally succulent…”
Dr B’s Juice Bar original review HERE


B’s BEST JUICE 2015…


number background 1

revel cloud

Revel by The Cloud Company

“…This is complex, this is expertly balanced, this is the real deal…”
Dr B’s Mini Bar original review HERE

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