Vapemail for Dr B’ | 521 Tab (V2) and Kbag by Coil Master

coil master vapemail

521&kbag main boxes

521 Tab & Kbag by Coil Master

Coil Master badgeIts been a Coily-Christmas for sure here at B’ Vaping HQ and things have just got a whole lot more convenient and organised in the rebuilding and portability departments, with these lil’ lovelies. Whether you have just started out in the coil construction stakes or are a seasoned ‘builder’ looking to expand on your arsenal of equipment, you could do far worse than consider these latest offerings from Coil Master. Road test and review forthcoming…
…Let’s have a rummage shall we? In the box:

521 Tab (V2/updated)

“Multi-functional device for both DIY starters and advanced users”

521 closed box

521 Tab general specifications:

  • Ohm/voltage meter
  • Coil burning & rebuilding deck
  • Functional table device 
  • Resistance measuring range: 0.01–9.99 ohm
  • Voltage measuring range: 0.3–9.99 volt
  • Resistance rate: down to 0.2 ohm
  • Connection: 510 thread with spring-loaded pin
  • Charging: 4.5V/750mAh micro-USB
  • Battery: lithium 18650, 3.7V (battery not included)
  • Extras: voltage checker, USB charger, alligator clips
  • Dimensions/weight: 49.5 x 84.5 x 69.5mm | 190g

521 tab contents

521 Tab (V2/updated) specifications

  • Standard LED screen (not OLED as in previous version)
  • 4 x rubberized feet on base – prevents against slipping
  • Larger ‘banana’ clip inputs 
  • Branded white lettering | chrome effect under fire button

521 tab main

Some of the updates made to the 521 Tab over the previous version are rather cosmetic. Although, two major revisions consist of the decision to revert back to a standard LED screen and the wise choice to attach rubberized feet.

521 tab montage


“A multi-functional, multi-adjustable case for all your vape gear”

kbag case

Kbag specifications:

  • Colour: black
  • Portable/protected hard case
  • Adjustable & elasticated straps
  • Removable Velcro panel
  • Dimensions/weight: 13 x 8.3 x 1.9” | 0.99 lbs

kbag case open
The Kbag is a portable solution for carrying a whole array of vape equipment, which both secures safely in place said items with the customizable elasticated straps and protects with its silicone hard case. The removable inner panel aids ease of use and frees up maximum space if needed. 

kbag inner sleeve

Full road test & review real soon

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