B’s BEST 2015: Vibes 2 Vape 2…Best Track and Mix of the Year

B's BEST final

V2V2 deck B's best

B’s Best 2015: V2V2 Best Track & Mix 

B’s Best: The finest VAPE-ware, JUICE-ware, HARD-ware…all things #vapelife

Our 1st year anniversary is looming large here at B’ Vaping HQ. Over the last 12 months we have endeavoured to fulfill our mission of celebrating all manner of this thing we call #vapelife. For us, and we hope to a number of your good-selves, the vibes complement the clouds. In short, we and the B’ like little more than a good toot and a good tune. 2015 has been a damn vibey good year indeed…
…and it doesn’t get a whole lot better than our picks for BEST TRACK & MIX if we do say ourselves. So re-JUICE, re-LAX, for our re-MIX and errr MIX of 2015 ha…here’s to 2016. CLOUD FIRE!

B’s BEST TRACK 2015…

number background 1


Ra (David August Remix)

by The Acid

“…If there is a finer remix this year than August’s Ra, I will eat my hat! Haven’t even got a hat but I will find one if needs must…”

V2V2 original track HERE

Screenshot 2016-01-01 at 17

More vibes from Mr August?…oh go on then

Patria (feat’ Sissi Rada) by David August


and not forgetting


B’s BEST MIX 2015…

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Dekmantel Podcast

by John Talabot

“…Master of the mid-tempo melody, intricate idiosyncrasies, weaver of grooves. The ground covered here in 90 odd minutes is nothing short of outstanding…yep, vintage vibes…”

V2V2 original mix HERE

John talabot

More vibes from Mr Talabot?…yep yeah plz

Loud Places (feat’ Romy) by Jamie xx (John Talabot’s Higher Dub)

B's BEST banner final

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