VAPE-ware SHED | Mini Buddha RDA by Vaperz Cloud (full review)

new vape-ware shed

proof mini buddha box

proof mini buddha box and buddha

Mini Buddha RDA by Vaperz Cloud

proof mini buddha dual horizontal

  • Product type: RDA (authentic)
  • Recommended stockist: Evolution Vaping | Vaporhaus Distribution
  • Customisation options: Stainless Steel/Black/Copper/Silver or Gold Plated
  • Price: *£31.49 (*best price per date of review)

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proof mini buddha complete close

Mini Buddha specifications:

  • 23mm RDA
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Wide bore Delrin drip tip
  • Square Peek/post insulatorvaperz cloud badge
  • 2.5mm post holes
  • Positive ‘T’ Block
  • Adjustable Copper 510 centre pin
  • Adjustable AFC (18 holes per side)
  • Diagonal & square AFC shut-off 
  • Adjustable top AFC (4 holes)
  • Dual coil AFC only
  • Spare o-rings/pre-built coils
  • Magnetized gift box

proof mini buddha split 3

What they say

“…Vaperz Cloud is built on the premise of supplying the best quality products for at an affordable price. We stay ahead of the game by offering you the latest vape gear available…”

What Dr B’ says

The Good
  • Immaculate machining & build quality
  • Endless 💨💨💨💨💨
  • Versatility of AFC – diagonal/vertical/top
  • Awesome drip tip = lazer-guided flavour
  • Robust flat-head (slotted) screws
  • Mid-depth juice well (5mm approx)
  • No major leaking issues
  • Tolerances & construction are snug 
  • Simple as cheese to build on
  • Slick lazer engraved artwork

The Bad

  • Limited spares (replacement o-rings only)
  • No 510 adaptor option
  • Top AFC alignment requires guesswork/naked eye
  • Top AFC is horizontal not angled like Buddha Z V2
Gautama the Buddha once stated “…Nothing ever exists entirely alone, everything is in relation to everything else.” With this age-old wisdom in mind, Vaperz Cloud have set out on the path to dripping ‘Nirvana’ with the downsizing of their 30mm Buddha Z V2, to a slightly more restrained 23mm diameter. From this showing, the fruits of their labour have not been wasted…
…The Mini Buddha (Mini B’) may well be smaller in stature, yet its performance is simply spectacular. With impeccable machining, build quality, and aesthetics, the Mini B’ is without a shadow of a cloudy doubt, one of our very favourite RDAs. In fact, we and the B’ just can’t put this damn dripper down.
proof mini buddha components on box
In addition to the downsizing, the most noticeable alterations in its construction over the Buddha Z V2 (BIG B’) are mainly in the AFC department. On the barrel, you get 18 holes each side, drilled in a 6×3 grid, rather than 21 holes in a 7×3 diagonal configuration on the BIG B’. The AFC chambers, both share 4 top holes which align with their corresponding holes on the Delrin drip tip. Although, these holes are drilled at 90 degrees on the Mini B’ rather than 45 degrees downward on the BIG B’.
The Mini B’s drip tip, whilst still conforming to a wide bore profile at its base, is shaped in such a fashion to be significantly smaller over not only its bigger brother, but most drippers in general. However, crucially, this smaller profile does not suffer from being too short in length, as to encounter any issues with burning your lips on the metal, unlike some other RDAs we could mention…can you say The Royal Hunter? Finally the post holes are a smidge smaller at 2.5mm rather than 3mm on the BIG B’.

proof mini buddha close afc cut

Elsewhere, it’s a wholly faithful replication of the BIG B’, which is a fine breed indeed to follow: 3 post (positive ‘T’ block), heavy-duty flat-head screws, mid-depth juice well, and copper 510 etc. In short, Vaperz Cloud have expertly transitioned the vast majority of features we adored from the BIG B’, into more svelte, ‘everyday vaping’ friendly proportions…prop’s deserved, applause a-plenty.

mini buddha business

Across the board, the Mini Buddha has performed flawlessly for us, no major issues to report. It’s a dream to build on with plenty of room, the tolerances are (near on) perfect if a lil’ on the loose-fitting side of things, and the versatility of AFC options is immense. Although, if pushed to find some niggles, we and the B’ could highlight a few areas for improvement.
Whilst we are bowled-over-besotted with the Mini B’s drip tip and the way it delivers flavour like a Cruise Missile to the taste buddies, the absence of a 510 adaptor will restrict the appeal for some peeps. Additionally, the drip tip AFC holes require self alignment and a lil’ touch of guesswork for good measure. The majority of the time, we tended to close off these holes so as to not mute the flavour, unless needing to cool things down a tad’ with more fiery builds. Other than that and the distinct lack of replacement parts (which incidentally, Vaperz Cloud there is no excuse for) we were as happy as Larry.

proof mini buddha collage

There is so much to bloody admire about this RDA. Obviously, the copious-cloud options supplied via the signature AFC. For instance, turn clockwise for vertical shut off and anti-clockwise for diagonal. Yet, the flavour is just as impressive as this foggy capability, due in some part to what might just be the most perfectly shaped drip tip around.
For all the weight-saving credentials the Mini Buddha possesses over its brother, this is as close performance-wise, to the Buddha Z V2 as Vaperz Cloud could have ever expected to achieve. This isn’t damning with faint praise, it’s the realization of adapting to a more mainstream appeal without sacrificing what makes their larger, higher-end drippers so good. No wonder the bald chap Buddha with his legs in the lotus position has always got a damn smile on this face.

Bottom line

BIG Buddha’s lil’ Buddha; the Mini is a masterful downsizing of the gargantuan 30mm Buddha Z V2, to a more manageable 23mm form factor. Clouds, flavour, whatever you’re after, the performance of the Mini Buddha hits it out of the park and then some. Final thoughts from the ‘enlightened’ one?…
“…If a man who enjoys a lesser happiness beholds a greater one, let him leave aside the lesser to gain the greater…”
new masterpiece badge

Dr B: 5/5      Realization: 4.8/5      Overall: 4.9/5

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VAPE-ware Shed independent review | no bias/affiliation to any manufacturer

2 thoughts on “VAPE-ware SHED | Mini Buddha RDA by Vaperz Cloud (full review)

  1. I have to say I’m really impressed with the level of detail you go to in your product reviews , I am currently just about to purchase the VCM and Mini Buddha from EVO and this has been the perfect review to ensure my money isn’t wasted. I will be sure to be checking here more often for reviews on products before I purchase. Well done sir


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