V2V2 3TRACK: Whatitis + Duatang + Jervis Pump Station by WOLFEY & PROJECT PABLO | Jervis Pump Station EP via Church Records

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Home to delicious maple syrup, now expert in enthralling house wizardry, the Canadian Riviera exports another notable specimen with this fresh-new collaborative slab for London’s Church. Courtesy of Vancouver’s best kept secret Wolfey and Montreal-based stalwart Project Pablo. The pair draw a Bermuda Triangle of solid bass-driven grooves to get lost in, smooth-sailing melodies, and exotic synth ellipses all laced with a contagious thirst for sweat-inducing club action. Flashes of palm trees bending in a lead-heavy air, idle time by the seaside with friends and other sand-filled shoes effect. Last call, Winter…before you’re out – Inverted Audio
Hybridity Music’s Canadian duo; Wolfey and Project Pablo do deeper house chug and swing for London’s Church. Check Jervis Pump Station for eight minutes of toiling toms and lagging synth, lines inna’ druggy, Wild Pitch style, or Whatitis for a fancier but charmingly stumbled swing – Boomkat


Release date: 22nd January 2106 via Church
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Holy-Churchy-Cheesecake’


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