Vapemail for Dr B’ | Selection of Premium Handcrafted Eliquids by Knucklehead Vapes

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knucklehead vapes spiral proof

Premium Handcrafted Eliquids by Knucklehead Vapes

“…Knucklehead Vapes is a family owned and run business, we pride ourselves in offering top-notch service and high-end products…” – Ralfy Knucklehead

I suppose it was just a matter of time before we would have the delight of tooting on the juice-ware supplied from our close pal and all round good egg aka Ralfy Knucklehead/Ralfys Reviews. We would like to say a BIG thank you and a BIG ups for the all effort from the Knucklehead Vapes crew for sending these lil’ liquid lovelies our way.
knucklehead vapes with xcube proof
So it just remains for us to get some fresh builds on the go and work our way through the extensive array of elixir on offer here…sweet! We and the B’ will be sure to report back with our juicy-favourites in due course. In the mean time, why not drop by Knucklehead Vapes HQ and give old Ralfy a holla from us…

…Let’s have a rummage shall we?

In the box:

Custard Collection

Golly Goodness, Just, Lady Penelope, Laudanum Dreams, Special Reserve

Fruit Collection

Cletus Horsepoo’s Vapin’ Shine, Pink Eye, The Ripper

Dessert Collection

Cereal Killer, King George, Milk Teeth, Muff Diver, Sinned, The Guvnor, Devils Delight

knucklehead vapes juice pile proof

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