Vapemail for Dr B’ | Xephos RDA (authentic) by Cloud Chasing Club (CCC)

ccc vapemail envelope

ccc proof box2

Xephos RDA by Cloud Chasing Club (CCC)

“We founded Cloud Chasing Club as more than just a company or brand, more a community resource. We pride ourselves on modelling an array of products and accessories, that we manufactured, on public opinion and advice” – CCC
ccc proof open box
ccc badge 2Right then global #vapefamalam, the Xephos RDA is certainly an intriguing and exciting dripping prospect for us here at B’ Vaping HQ. Hailing from Essex, England, not only is it great to have the chance to support a UK manufacturer, but also CCC adopt a vision for their products that is truly admirable and forward thinking. Openly embracing fellow vapers’ input and advice for future development is the name of their game and what a refreshing approach to things that is to.

ccc proof xephos

On this early showing, it seems the vision is coming on very nicely indeed. The Xephos has both cross-breeding and unique innovation…including: (Velocity style) two post design, bottom fed AFC, gold-plated positive post and 510, ceramic insulator, choice of caps, and (what appears to the eye) robust Phillips Head screws at long last!
It will be fascinating to see if that comp’ cap will be hailed King of the Flavour Killers? More importantly, will it leak!? Or will the Xephos put some clear daylight between itself and the mass of other drippers out there?…We and the B’ are damn eager to find out! 

ccc proof components

  • 22mm RDA
  • Competition cap & standard cap
  • 2 post design (Velocity style)
  • 4 x 2.8mm post holes
  • Gold-plated positive postCCC badge
  • Cross-head (Phillips) screws
  • Ceramic insulator (drop tested)
  • 5.3mm deep juice well
  • Standard cap AFC (8.9mm x 2mm)
  • Competition cap AFC (dual 8.9mm x 3mm)
  • Gold plated protruding 510 (non adjustable)
  • Closed deck to prevent leaking
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip (Filipino Delrin)
  • Regular 510 Drip Tip adaptor
  • Available: Stainless Steel, Brass, & Copper
  • Spares: screws, o-rings, & black screwdriver
  • Magnetized gift box

ccc proof deck comp barrel

Full review HERE

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