Public health charities campaign for BIG Tobacco to ‘Cough Up’ their Corporation Tax! (Press Releases)


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 *Cancer Research UK launches ‘Cough Up Campaign’

Cancer Research UK is calling on the Government to make the tobacco industry pay for the damage it causes and help reduce the number of people killed by its deadly product. At a time when health budgets are stretched, this is a simple solution to a lethal problem. We urge the Government to make the industry cough up.
A report by Cancer Research UK revealed that cuts to public health funding mean local Stop Smoking Services are being closed down. In response, the charity is launching a new Cough Up campaign, and wants the public to support a simple solution to the problem; making the tobacco industry pay for public health services and mass media quit campaigns to help save thousands of lives. Charging the industry around 1p per cigarette sold in the UK, an extra £500m could be raised and spent directly on tobacco control. Read full article

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**ASH backs call to make tobacco companies pay

ASH together with more than 120 health organisations, is backing Cancer Research UK’s call to make tobacco companies ‘Cough Up’ for the harm they cause to millions of UK citizens, and to help prevent further death and disease. A proposal to impose a levy on the tobacco industry to pay for evidence-based tobacco control and stop smoking services formed a key plank of the Smoking Still Kills tobacco control strategy launched last June.
Tobacco multinationals currently pay little or no corporation tax. For example, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Imperial Tobacco Group (Imperial) are both based in the UK. In the 2013 financial year it was recently estimated that Imperial had a 35.4% share and BAT an 8.7% share of the UK tobacco market as measured by value. Imperial reports they made £623m in adjusted operating profits in the UK market, and whilst BAT don’t offer a profit breakdown by market, it has been estimated that BAT made at least £78.2m and perhaps as much as £150m in operating profits in the UK. Read full article


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