V2V2 | Torchlight Vol.2 EP: Adventures In Eden by OM UNIT via Cosmic Bridge Recordings

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As a producer and DJ, Jim Coles has been a significant and pioneering presence in various dance music circles. Following a formative decade in the global hip-hop underground, Coles took the name Om Unit in the late 2000s and began to travel across genres and scenes in search of sonic tropes to cross-breed and re-imagine. Key to his approach is a desire to never settle for the destination and instead focus on what can be learned from the journey.
After two decades in London, Coles relocated to Bristol in 2015. From his new studio on the English west coast he continues his search through production work (Torchlight EP series on Cosmic Bridge) and aesthetic exercises (Gates mix series). A keen scholar of all music, he draws from the past and present to imagine the future, never content to remain in the same place for too long – Civil Music
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Torchlight Vol.2 is Om Unit’s exploration of sound-system aesthetics, perpendicular to templates of dubstep, jungle, and drum&bass worlds. As Om Unit tells it, the Torchlight is “an exploratory exercise, a way to seek ideas to further what came before, by breaking with personal tradition and exploring studio techniques” – Cosmic Bridge
“Raw jungle vibes meets spaced-out, bass atmospherics…kilLER” – Dr B’

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Release date: 26th February 2106 via Cosmic Bridge
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Cosmic Coconut’

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