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Lychee, Apricot, & Forest Fruit Mix by FlavourArt

  • Product type: Flavour Concentrates
  • Size (ml): 10 (each)logo
  • Concentration (%): See individual reviews
  • Born: Oleggio, Italy
  • Recommended stockist: FA UKecigzoo

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What they say

“…Quality for us means much more than a low price and it should be more than just getting what you pay for. FlavourArt is dedicated to making and selling quality products. Quality should include a state of the art product, at the right price, with performance when and where you need it most. We sell flavours for endless use and formulate them in the most efficient way, concentrated products that perform well in a range from 0.1-0.5%. However, different applications, processing, and composition might require more. Use and personal taste are a combination of science and human preferences. Experimentation is needed before achieving satisfactory results. Always examine the quality, the performance, and the true end price which is determined by your usage level…”

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What Dr B’ says

“…When it comes to creating DIY champion juice, the adage ‘different strokes for different folks’ springs to mind. Peeps and their palate’s will favour certain flavour profiles over others, particular aromatic notes and construction etc. That being said, Dr B’s descriptions serve to help outline the characteristics of each flavour concentrate, their use within recipes, and recommendations for efficient outcomes. Disclaimer ALERT over, let’s get down to juicy business…”


Recommended concentration (%): 0.5-2.5
Dr B’s very favourite of all the fruits, Lychee is one for the sweet-toothed-tooters. Totally unique taste and totally tropical succulence. It won’t appeal to everyone (obviously) due to just how sacchariferous (or is that sacchari-ferocious) this fruity-fella’ is. FlavourArt rarely fail to impress with just how well they construct their concentrates, and whilst the Lychee here is generally a natural tasting reproduction of the fruit, it does have a slightly synthetic after-taste, if not steeped accordingly. Fresh like few others, it has a wonderful way of retaining its flavour through to the clouds. Certainly bold enough to stand alone, yet we and the B’ teamed it with Guava, Spearmint, Lime, and Rum for some cheeky-cocktail-clouds.
Dr B: 4.6/5      Realization: 4.1/5      Overall: 4.4/5


Recommended concentration (%): 1-3
Prunus problems? We find ourselves a lil’ conflicted with these here taste notes regarding Apricot. Perhaps a personal taste issue, but we found this stone fruit a touch underwhelming. On the positive (as ever from FlavourArt) the replication of a freshly picked Apricot is near perfect. Aromatic tone and sweetness is on point, and it lends a refreshing zip to any recipe. Alas, it just didn’t give our taste buddies the fizz (so to speak) like we have come to expect from the Italian mix-masters. Now, we ain’t too proud to admit that this might be somewhat down to our failings to incorporate it, wholly successfully into a flavour profile. Although, this Apricot fella’ thrives on blends of other fruits and a touch of the tropical, like Coconut. That said, we and the B’ went back to basics and paired with Caramel and a touch of Hazelnut for a rich and sweet tooting session.
Dr B: 3.5/5      Realization: 4.4/5      Overall: 4/5

Forest Fruit Mix

Recommended concentration (%): 0.5-3
A master-stroke from FlavourArt and a juice-saving, fruity-fusion, if running low on supplies of other concentrates. We detect all manner of berry-goodness: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, and (perhaps) even subtle-shades of Blackcurrant. Flavour replication is truly outstanding, with a natural tasting succulence, and (crucially) a balanced profile to allow distinction between each variety of berry. However, Forest Mix is a potent blend and percentage should be used with care, to avoid pushing those sugar levels too high. A festival of flavour and a highly recommended addition to any DIYer’s arsenal of ingredients…fruit crew!
Dr B: 4.8/5      Realization: 4.8/5      Overall: 4.8/5

NET Overall: 4.4/5

Bottom line

“Fancy a fruity kick to your creations?…FlavourArt come correct once more with wholly realistic flavour replication and versatility. Super-concentrated, super affordable…champion juice awaits!”

FlavArt fruit

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