V2V2 | Future Stars #16 mixed by Hyenah ~ Mama Wata via trndmsk

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do the mashHyenah sneaked on to the scene in 2014 and quickly acquired a worldwide fan-base across several continents. His first ever track; The Wish was claimed to be the “most unfairly slept on track of the year” by a certain Black Coffee and a ‘sure-shot’ in all his sets. Hyenah prefers to keep his identity hidden and let the music do the talking. In 2016, he is starting a bimonthly residency at Wategate’s Rise night in Berlin, having already performed in several high-profile clubs across Europe, Africa, and Asia, including House 22, Djoon, Musicbox, and the Sonar FestivalBackroom
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Hyenah entered the world of electronic music very quietly. Since then he’s had impressive releases via Freerange, Aeon, and Drumpoet. Now it’s time for the rather mysterious artist to contribute a Future Stars mix. “This mix was mainly inspired by my latest tour in South Africa” says Hyenah, who mainly uses melodies that represent the genuine atmosphere of the Cape of Good Hope. “There are a few classics that just fit the vibe perfectly, a few forgotten pearls that I feel are very much worth getting heard again, and a few new tunes that didn’t gain the attention in Europe that they deserved.” Titled; Mami Wata, the mix also includes some of his own productions representing the distinct Hyenah style…

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“I grabbed the tracks out of my current box and recorded it at home, to make it a nice and smooth set.” Three tracks have grown into his heart instantly: “The first one is Kodjo by Manoo, what a classic, I’m loving the raw energy and power. Secondly, I’d like to mention André Lodemanns Soak It remix. I’m so happy about André’s remix for my new EP on Objektivity. The third, is another classic; Eltonnick’s remix of War by Julien Jarbe. I have been playing this as a final track and it always leaves everybody with huge smiles on their faces. Admittedly, the track is borderline cheesy, though it’s beautifully cheesy and so well produced” – trndmsk/Hyenah


Release date: Free to the world via trndmsk
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Mama Wata-Watermelon’

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