Vapemail for Dr B’ | Wood Mech’ Box Mod (authentic) by Yep Ecig

yep mod vapemail envelope

yep wood box main proof

Wood Mech’ Box Mod by Yep Ecig

yep mod open box proof

“We have an excellent engineering and design team, always striving to make sure our products lead with innovation. We endeavour to make Yep products of the best quality and a brand recognised all over the world” – Yep Ecig
yep mod close up standing proof
We and the B’ were fortunate enough to snap up this ravishing bit of rustic and unregulated box’ in slightly conflicted times. Sadly, a UK vendor was having a closing-down-clearance of all of their stock. As a result, we snapped up the very last Yep Wood Box Mod from them for the barmy price of £19.99. Beautifully constructed and as simple as a device can get, we thought we (pun alert) wood highlight and give a BIG shout-out to Yep for the great job they have done with this.
Not the newest of products, its been around since early 2015, and as such we will not be reviewing it in any further depth than we are now. Rest assured, we can find very little (if anything) bad to say about it. If you are in the market for an inexpensive dual parallel 18650 wooden mech’ mod and can still lay your hands on it, we wood (sorry) highly recommend adding it to your collection…#WoodLyfe

yep mod 510 proof

  • Mechanical (Parallel) Mod
  • Safflower Pear or Rosewood
  • Flush 510 thread connection
  • Copper-plated Silver floating-pin
  • 30 x 55 x 115 mm | weight: 8 oz
  • Dual 18650 battery housing
  • Magnetized battery cover
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Ergonomic design
  • Engraved logo & serial number

yep mod collage vapemail proof

1926765_1435741540052772_3307415305019097109_nProps’ should be paid for just how aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic (if a lil’ looooong), and well put together this device is. Lets be honest shall we…there is very little to go wrong and the Yep Wood Mod is all the better for it. Lovely stuff 😛

yep wood mod with glacier2 proof

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