EU regulations in tatters? Advisor to All Parliamentary Group for E-cigarettes: Article 20 in “disarray”


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UK in the houseA manufacturer of e-cigarettes has warned extra testing of products demanded by EU regulations could force some of the smaller players in the industry out of business. David Extance, managing director of E-Quits Limited said that EU rulings could demand that all vaping products, new and existing, undergo new safety tests under Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive.
E-Quits Limited have in their brand portfolio; Lonjas UK, Vaping Warehouse, Phil The Greek, Patti Bakers Pastry, The Olde Sweetshop, and manufacture for 27 other brands. In total they manufacture 350 different flavours which could all need testing at £6,000 a time. “We can bear the cost at the moment” said David. But he warned “Many companies will go to the wall.”
David advises the All Parliamentary Group for E-Cigarettes, explained that the new regulations, set to come in to force on May 20 were in “disarray” as the EU had said some rules were mandatory and some were being left to the MHRA to set. E-Quits Limited has recently added another brand to their portfolio by purchasing a 51 per cent share of Heidi Heisenberg Limited, who trade under the name of Fetish Gourmet Elixirs, in Kettering.
Southampton Itchen MP Royston Smith has been invited to attend the next APPG in April and it’s hoped he will put pressure on Jeremy Hunt to re-evaluate the TPD Article 20, to bring sensible regulation. Mr Extance said that with a referendum due, it would be disastrous to deny a possible 3.2m voters the right to a product that, in the words of Public Health England is 95 per cent safer than smoking tobacco products. Read full article


Southern Daily Echo (23 February 2016) Warning that e-cigarette firms could face ruin under EU rules [online newspaper]. Retrieved from

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