Incoming | Selection of ‘Blended’ DIY Concentrates by FlavourArt UK

new incoming

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“…FlavourArt-UK brings you the very best in e-liquid, with the incredible concentrated flavourings of FlavourArt. We offer quality service, passion, wealth of knowledge, and integrity, along with an unswerving commitment for smoking harm reduction. We have partnered with FlavourArt Italy for four years and are their main UK distributor.…” – FAUK

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  • Individual 10ml blended concentrates
  • Classic, new, & expanded flavour range
  • Made & developed at FlavourArt, Italylogo
  • Ready to mix | pre-steeped
  • 3% (suggested) concentration 
  • Also available in 100ml bottles

fa fruit collage

 Vapemail for Dr B’: FlavourArt (blended) HERE


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