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xephos box proof closed

xephos box proof with barrels

Xephos RDA by CCC

xephos box proof dual

  • Product type: RDA (authentic)
  • Recommended stockist: Oxford Vapours | Grey Haze
  • Customisation options: Copper/Brass/Stainless Steel | Comp’ Cap
  • Price: *£44.99 (*best price per date of review)

Additional: about | supplementary products | the comp’ cap

xephos with box components proof

Xephos specifications:

  • 22mm RDA
  • Competition cap & standard cap
  • 2 post design (Velocity style)
  • 4 x 2.8mm post holes
  • Gold-plated positive postCCC badge
  • Cross-head (Phillips) screws
  • Ceramic insulator (drop tested)
  • 5.3mm deep juice well
  • Standard cap AFC (8.9mm x 2mm)
  • Competition cap AFC (dual 8.9mm x 3mm)
  • Gold plated protruding 510 (non adjustable)
  • Closed deck to prevent leaking
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip (Filipino Delrin)
  • Regular 510 Drip Tip adaptor
  • Available: Stainless Steel, Brass, & Copper
  • Spares: screws, o-rings, & black screwdriver
  • Magnetized gift box

xephos proof shaded close

What they say

“Xephos is our show of bringing a majority of preferences, ideas, and solving problems such as melted insulators and rounding screws”

What Dr B’ says

The Good
  • Clean & minimal aesthetics
  • Top notch build quality
  • Caps: standard = MAX flavour | comp’ cap = MAX cl💨ud
  • No leaking for bottom AFC design (excluding user error)
  • Dual post (Velocity style) with large 2.8mm post holes
  • Gold positive post is super offset – extra wicking space
  • Robust (Phillips) screws 
  • Tight & firm tolerances
  • Thicker/high quality Delrin Drip Tip
  • Ceramic insulator: heat management/minimize melting 
  • Mid-depth juice well
  • 510 Drip Tip adaptor
  • Spare o-rings, half-decent screwdriver, & lovely gift box
  • Made in the UK!

The Bad

  • Single cap design + no heat transfer = H🔥T metal
  • Can get damn NOISY
  • Lower comp’ cap AFC slot is machined 1mm too large
  • Short screws – can fall out easily/get lost
  • No single coil option
  • No engraving or artwork, other than on the base
  • A smidge overpriced?
UK…OK! It’s bottom-fed-business with the Xephos RDA. Hailing from Essex, Cloud Chasing Club (CCC) bring forth a sleek and minimalistic touch to this 22mm dripper. More than any other atty’ in recent memory, we and the B’ have been on quite the journey of emotions with this one. Aggravation to adoration and everywhere in between. So global vappsters, lets drill down into the reasons why that just might be the case with the handsome lil’ Xephos.
Utilizing high-grade materials, including: gold-plated positive post, ceramic-insulator, Philips-head screws, and premium thick Delrin Drip Tip. The overall build quality of the Xephos impresses on a multitude of fronts, all be it with a couple of machining-missteps along the way. However, it’s perhaps CCC’s decision to include two ‘cap’ options that will attract most of the attention. The Xephos comes complete with both a standard and competition cap, opening up the appeal to both flavour-fans and cloud-chasers in the process.
xephos deck with barrels proof
The deck, with the obligatory two post (Velocity styled) design, is an absolute pleasure to work with. The screws are muscular and get the job done. We built as low as 20 gauge and all manner of multi-gauge, multi-strand compositions with zero problems to report. They are too short though, unscrew a tad’ too far and they drop out and can have you furiously combing the carpet for them! The base afc chambers are machined in a kidney shape, to match the circular dimensions of the atty, indented slightly and approximately 1mm shorter in length than the 90 degree afc feed-slots on the exterior.
The gold-plated positive post is offset by approximately 2mm away from the edge of the deck, leaving bundles of room to wick around it, lovely stuff! Although, this offsetting will be upsetting to some of the more anally retentive amongst us. For instance, when you have your coils equally centred over each of the afc chambers, they won’t be equally centred between the posts. Not an issue for us particularly, but aesthetically speaking, that is the trade-off.

xephos proof 4 components on box

Elsewhere, the tolerances of the double o-rings around the base, are (near) perfect. Firm and tight is the order of the day. In fact, we found the Xephos fresh from a clean and a dry-down, benefits from a couple of drops of juice on said o-rings to keep things lubricated and cl💨ud ready. These supreme tolerances can be found across the board for both the standard and comp’ cap and elsewhere with the Drip Tip, and go to show just how well put together the Xephos is.

xephos montage proof

The performance and contrast between the two caps is somewhat to be expected. Generally speaking, the standard cap is 4 flavour and the comp’ cap is 4 vapour. That said, it’s not quite that simplistic. The Xephos has an uncanny and almost intangible way of rewarding you with particular builds. Quad coils on the comp cap’ work very nicely indeed, utilizing the second afc slot, quieting things down, spreading the heat, and boosting the flavour admirably. The comp’ cap afc slots are 1mm larger over the standard cap’s single slot and one of the aforementioned machining-mishaps, can be seen here when aligning the base slot with its counterpart on the atty. Again, not an issue practically speaking, just aesthetically below par.   
The point to be made, is the Xephos is primarily a builders’ RDA. It’s not going be everybody’s first choice over other more practical or easier to use drippers. It requires attention to detail over which build to errr build, which way to wick, or how to precisely position the coils to achieve the optimum performance. Yes with single cap design it can get h🔥t, and yes it can get noisy, but give some thought to why and how to counter these obstacles with your builds and the Xephos will repay your efforts with a mighty fine vape indeed. 

xephos proof twisted montage

Finally, the potential for ‘leaking’ on a bottom-fed RDA is somewhat of a redundant point, yet nonetheless, worthy of a mention. In short, the Xephos doesn’t and won’t leak, with the proviso that you don’t over-drip and ensure you wick efficiently. All things considered, with the abundance of drippers out there and the constant competition of our own RDA collection…is the Xephos the first atty we and the B’ reach for? No it’s not. Yet that is perhaps overly unfair. The Xephos is crafted beautifully, has options galore, and can kick out the clouds, when you have the time to kick out the build. 1st rule of Cloud Chasing Club? Spread the word…UK in the house!

xephos rda proof comp cap close

Bottom line

“…Svelt/minimal/elegant. The Xephos boasts high-grade construction and dual ‘cap’ options. Achieving much yet not without its quirks, this is a builders’ RDA that can deliver the goods, if you have the goods!”

Dr B: 4/5      Realization: 4.4/5      Overall: 4.2/5

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