Incoming | Arthas 26650 Copper Mod (authentic) by Beyond Vape

b vaping incoming arrow proof

arthas mod incoming proof main

“…Arthas 26650 Copper Mod (authentic) is a conductive dynamo with sleek, minimalist design. Most magnets absorb some of the conductivity, the Arthas has custom epoxy-coated magnets that repel conductivity and send it where it’s needed: the tube, contacts, and top-cap. It’s finished with a hand polished, 30mm tube with an elegant CNC engraving of the watchful raven. The Arthas also features adjustable top contacts and an engraved brass button with fluted air vents, carrying through to the magnets and firing pin…” – Beyond Vape

arthas incoming proof2

  • Hand polished, pure copper alloy
  • 30mm (26650) tube
  • 30mm (26650) top-10009315_308519249334098_736124627763163599_ncap & 22mm slanted top-cap
  • Adjustable/telescopic contact: reduce battery rattle
  • Copper firing assembly: brass button/fluted air vents
  • Custom epoxy coated magnets: conductive proof
  • Exquisite CNC engravings
  • Individually serialized
  • High conductivity & low voltage drop


Full review & road test forthcoming…



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