Vapemail for Dr B’: The Xato Mod (26650 Brass Authentic) by DKX Technology (Philippines)

b vaping vapemail proof box

Xato mod vapemail main proof

Xato (26650) Mod by DKX Technology

Xato mod vapemail2 proof

“…Made in the Philippines, proudly Pinoy!…”DKX
xato mod vapemail3 proof
26650 mods…mechanical animals? To some, that animal may well be the ‘black sheep’ of the mech-mods; slightly unwieldy, demanding 30mm diameter RDA’s to match the substantial girth 😂 and requiring a deeper pocket to offset the higher price-point, when compared to the (generally speaking) far more prominent and cost-effective 18650 tube-market. However, a lil’ scouring on the web for bargains can unearth some quite exquisite and affordable 26650 pieces.
We and the B’ struck lucky with the Xato Mod, a distinctly-dazzling, Brass-beauty heralding from the Philippines and lovingly machined by DKX Technology. The overall construction is immaculate and is to be expected with a higher-end piece like this. However, with one notable exception, we DIDN’T pay a high-end price! Granted, the Xato isn’t the newest of devices and we won’t be so braggadocious, to number crunch here and now, exactly how much we did shell-out for it. Rest assured we completed the transaction smiling like a Cheshire Cat 🐱

xato mod vapemail temple proof

The point to be made; with a lil’ patience, eye for quality, nose for a bargain, there’s no reason why some of the more exclusive and premium-quality devices can’t take pride of place in your collection. That is the allure of certain mechanical mods, their age is almost arbitrary to the enthusiast, in fact, it can be all the more appealing.

The Xato is (still) available in the UK via Vapor Z HERE

xato mod vapemail4 proof

  • 30mm (26650) diameter mod
  • Machined from solid Brass
  • Red Copper contacts/510 connection10570513_368591853287906_2564765089388417441_n
  • Unique firing assembly
  • Adjustable positive & negative contacts
  • Recessed firing button
  • V-low voltage drop for a non-hybrid device
  • Lavish engravings: Celtic-Cross/bottom-cap
  • Individually serialised 
  • Made in the Philippines

xato mod collage proof

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