V2V2 4TRACK | Silk/Sweat EP by T_A_M ~ Esthar + Fifth Of Lust + September’s Silk + 16.30 Sweat via Local Action Records

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Silk/Sweat is a set of house slam-dunks by T_A_M one of our favourite producers. Based in Aberdeen, T_A_M has released on labels; Tuff Wax, Coyote, and Apothecary Compositions. Silk/Sweat draws from T_A_M’s love of the no-frills house perfected by labels like Roule; driven by hand-claps, chopped samples, and the most unsubtle of filtering…which is just how we like it – Local Action Records
Even a cursory listen to the Scotland-based producer T_A_M will make it clear this is an artist exploring and experimenting with a variety of different sounds. He makes his début on Local Action Records with the riotously fun Silk/Sweat EP. “Most of the tracks were made right after making a lot of downbeat music for quite a while” T_A_M tells us “I basically had an urge to make a bunch of fun 4×4 tunes that were as unpretentious as possible”


Tom Lea, mastermind behind Local Action, provides more background: “One of the things I like most about running a label is getting people to make releases you wouldn’t usually associate with them. The first draft of this EP was really synth-heavy, but when T_A_M sent me September’s Silk + 16.40 Sweat it took the whole record somewhere else. The brief basically became hand-claps, samples, filter sweeps, and he killed it. It’s been a while since we’ve released a straight-up house record and it feels great – Pigeons & Planes
Release date: Out now via Local Action Records
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Silky not Sweaty Strawberry Sundae’


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