Incoming | 100% Organic Cotton by The Cotton Candy Collection

b vaping incoming arrow proof

cotton candy main proof

“…Organically grown and refined using a steam-extraction and distillation process and specifically formulated for casual vaping and cloud chasing alike. The process used to perfect our cotton doesn’t affect the integrity of the fibres, leaving a pure and durable wick, that doesn’t demand constant changing. With no ‘break-in’ period, users are able to enjoy their juice immediately (with no undesirable flavours)…” – The Cotton Candy Collection

cotton candy main2 proof

  • 3 oz’s of 100% organic cotton
  • No soaking required12651184_685205148283074_9212842632681753033_n
  • Heat resistant & durable
  • No fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides/insecticides
  • Unique distillation technique
  • USP Certificate of Compliance & Analysis
  • Harvested using sustainable methods
  • Created by vape enthusiasts by vape enthusiasts
  • Reusable container

cotton candy support proof

Full review & road test forthcoming…



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