Vapemail for Dr B’: Organically Grown (100%) Cotton by The Cotton Candy Collection

b vaping vapemail proof box

cotton candy closed box proof

100% Organic Cotton by The Cotton Candy Collection

cotton candy open box proof

“…The Cotton Candy Collection is exclusively composed for vaping without the harmful use of chemicals. Because our cotton is organically grown, there are NO chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides used for yield enhancement or productivity …”The Cotton Candy Collection
Wetting wicks in a wild way baby! We and the B’ are always looking for more cotton options. Enter The Cotton Candy Collection and their tub of 100% Organic. With an ethical and sustainable approach to manufacturing and quality, the absence of any hidden nasties in the chemicals department, and their claim of ultra-high absorbency with longer life between re-wicking, they certainly make a strong case for purchasing their ball of the white stuff. But just how well will their wool stack up against other wicking material on the market? Can The Cotton Candy Collection compete with our absolute favourite and 5/5 scoring; Fuzion Cotton? These are answers that we will be sure to errr answer real soon, as we torture-test and road-test to within an inch of its juicy life…

…Lets have a rummage shall we?

In the tub:

  • 3 oz’s of 100% organic cotton
  • No soaking required12651184_685205148283074_9212842632681753033_n
  • Heat resistant & durable
  • No fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides/insecticides
  • Unique distillation technique
  • USP Certificate of Compliance & Analysis
  • Harvested using sustainable methods
  • Created by vape enthusiasts by vape enthusiasts
  • Reusable container

cotton candy with buddha proof

Full road-test & review forthcoming

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