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“When love and skill work together…expect a masterpiece” – John Ruskin

Certified Masterpiece Gallery is where we and the B’ curate the crème de la crème of juices, hardware, vibes, and all things #vapelife. Having seen off the competition and climbed the mountain of greatness, these bastions of tremendousness have all achieved a score of 4.5/5 or higher in their particular field of review…

…In no particular order and sharing equal love from everyone at B’ Vaping HQ. Dr B’ brings you The Masters



mini buddha master

B's BEST final

mini buddha plaque

om unit master main

om unit master plaque

omega hendershot master

hendershot master plaque

kommune1 master

kommune1 master plaque

diy coil master master

diy coil master plaque

roman master main

MASTER 5out5

roman master plaque

glacier 2 rda master

B's BEST final

glacier 2 master plaque

AC Choc master

B's BEST final

AC choc plaque

logorama master

stone cold classic wording

logorama master plaque

john talabot master

B's BEST final

john talabot master plaque

mod fuel apollo master

mod fuel master plaque

damian lazarus master

damian master plaque

FlavArt dairy master

FlavArt dairy master plaque

melanieGilles Peterson Master

kind teacher master

kind teacher plaque

clash mix master

clash mix master plaque

cloudz pie crustPie Crust Master

royal hunter master

B's BEST final

royal hunter master plaque

Mikael Seifu master

lost beat master plaque

fuu controversa master

B's BEST final

fuu controversa plaque

maribouMaribou State Master

series eSeries E JAC Master

sandy barber master

stone cold classic wording

sandy barber master plaque

revel master

B's BEST final

revel master plaque

Iglew Master

Iglew plaque

fuzion cotton master

MASTER 5out5

fuzion cotton master plaque

dimitri from paris master

stone cold classic wording

dimitri from paris master plaque

rodeo master latest
BHV Rodeo Master

run jewelsRun The Jewels Master

mama pepper master

mama mocha plaque

quarion master

quarion plaque

monkey musicMonkey Music Master

todd t master

todd t plaque

AC Coconut Master

AC Coconut Master plaque

Tooli Master

Tooli plaque

cloudz lychee

B's BEST final

lychee cloudz vapour

pooleyPooley Master

kind midnight master latest

B's BEST final

masterpiece kind

mina records master

mina records master plaque

ascension toucan master

ascension toucan plaque

doc daneeka master

doc daneeka master plaque

jac vanilla master latest
Vanilla JAC Master

tropicsMachinedrum Master

alchemy kung fu master

kung fu tea plaque

mama apple's master proof

mama master plague

underground BAE master

underground BAE master plaque

kind moon

kind moon plaque

sei A master

Sei A master plaque

odinRagn Rok Odin Master

mark august master

B's BEST final

MASTER 5out5

david august master plaque



dr b masterpiece



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