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Glacier II RDA by Vaperz Cloud

  • Product type: RDA (authentic)
  • Recommended stockist: Evolution Vaping
  • Customisation options: Brass/Copper/Black/Stainless Steel/Tiffany Blue
  • Price: *£34.99 (*best price per date of review)

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Glacier II specifications:

  • 23mm dual post RDA
  • 2.5mm post holes
  • 7mm juice wellvaperz cloud badge
  • Hybrid pin
  • Delrin chuff cap with AFC
  • Metal AFC with Delrin drip tip
  • 510 adapter
  • Peek insulators
  • Spare: screws/o-rings/insulators/copper post

glacier 2 parts dual

What they say

“…Vaperz Cloud is built on the premise of supplying the best quality products for at an affordable price. We stay ahead of the game by offering you the latest vape gear available…”

What Dr B’ says

The Good
  • Beautiful beast!
  • Kicks clouds – perfect balance between vapour/flavour
  • 2 AFC options – integrated Delrin with AFC and metal AFC
  • Staggered diagonal AFC design – promotes vapour ‘vortex’
  • 2 post ‘Velocity’ (styled) design allows maximum build space
  • Super deep drip well (7mm)
  • Grub screws to replace the flat-head screws
  • Plenty of spares – copper post option | extra insulators etc.
  • 510 adapter

The Bad

  • Tolerances aren’t great
  • Minor leaking issues due to loose-fitting o-rings/tolerances 
  • Flat-head screws supplied are atrocious and not fit for purpose
  • Integrated Delrin AFC is thin/cheap with sharp edges
  • No 510 drip tip
23mm dripping business, with the Glacier II RDA. A hugely handsome and slightly more portly revamp of its predecessor; Glacier (22mm). Across the board, this is a top drawer RDA that will keep both flavour fans and cloud converts smiling like a Cheshire cat. The performance of the Glacier II, arguably, surpasses all (bar a select few) currently in its class. Which makes it all the more puzzling that it suffers from some fundamental, school boy flaws…
glacier 2 box and base
Firstly, at the time of this here review, the Glacier II shipped with two sets of screws; flat-head and grub. Lovely you might think, two options to fasten them coil builds down to. Only problem is the flat-head screws we and the B’ found in our box were problematic to say the least. In short, the aforementioned screws were totally incapable of standing up to the job and began softening and rounding off from the very first use. So much so, that Dr B’ swapped them out right away for the grub screws. Whilst not our absolute favoured screw head, they were more than capable of rectifying the situation.
Secondly, the Glacier II leaks! Not majorly and not to the extent that you should be unduly concerned. That said, you will undoubtedly find a ring of juice around the 510 of your mod, that is more than just the expected level of condensation. This is an issue of tolerances, whilst generally the build quality is superb, the o-rings are less than tight around the deck base. Nothing to keep you awake at night, we swapped them out for some other o-rings we had kicking about and no problemo, no more! Jus a lil’ bit shabby.

glacier 2 montage

At the other end of the spectrum, we found when using the metal AFC with Delrin drip tip, the double o-rings around the tip were too damn tight. Again, easily fixed, we and the B’ settled for a snug fit with just a single o-ring around the drip tip. Elsewhere, everything fit together like a dream. Overall, both AFC/drip tip options are great. Yes the integrated Delrin drip tip with AFC is a little flimsy and sharp, a little stiffer to adjust and view which air holes are blocked off. This is the main reason we favoured the metal AFC with Delrin drip tip, it just feels more substantial, rigorous, and premium over its counterpart.
Finally, we would be doing the Glacier II a major injustice if we didn’t at least harp on a little bit about the things we find wonderful. There are many things indeed, from the fantastic dual post (Velocity styled) design which opens up maximum room for all variety of builds, to the ‘lose your liquid’ 7mm deep juice well. The diagonal (Mutation X inspired) staggered AFC holes to the adjustable 510 connection, replacement copper post, and insulators. Much to admire and much to keep you customising to your favoured requirements. Oh and did we mention…it kicks out the cloudage!

Bottom line

“…Keeping things cloudy & cool, the Glacier II isn’t without its flaws, BUT once you have had a tinker, swapped out the screws, and found a happy balance with everything, it’s an absolutely beastly flav’ chasing, cloud chucking dripper…”

Dr B: 4.9/5      Realization: 4.1/5      Overall: 4.5/5

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