B’s BEST 2015: Top 5 Box Mods (regulated)

B's BEST final

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B’s Best 2015: Top 5 Box Mods

B’s Best: The finest VAPE-ware, JUICE-ware, HARD-ware…all things #vapelife

Box business in 2015 was BIG business indeed. For the purists and mechanically minded alike, the unregulated market (no pun intended) kept things bubbling under the mainstream as always, just how we like it. However, arguably the greatest surge in devices was centred around the VW/VV mods. Temp’ control was a force to be reckoned with, and all manner of coil compositions were catered for…Stainless Steel anyone?
The wattage race was steeped in competition and innovation and quite frankly, there seemed to be little let up in the staggering amount of new products entering the market. With this in mind, we countdown the TOP 5 BOX MODS (regulated) we and the B’ have been fortunate enough to either feature and/or own, have experience with, or hold the highest level of regard for. In some cases all of the former ha.
Respect and recognition to the finalists then, yet praise and doffing of caps due to the bucket-load of ‘boxes’ that just missed the mark.






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Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 00

eVic-VTC Mini by Joyetech

“…For our money trumps pretty much everything in it’s class…oh and that screen is mighty pretty to…”
Dr B’ picks 3: eVic-VTC Mini HERE

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150 TC by Sigelei

“…Aesthetically, ergonomically, and practically…BANGING!…”
Dr B’ picks 3: Segelei 150 TC HERE

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SnowWolf by Asmodus

“…It set the (wattage) bar high in the earlier half of 2015. The SnowWolf is a truly stunning and powerful beast…”
Pixxie Puffs: Snow Wolf 200w Review HERE

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Screenshot 2015-12-30 at 23

Reuleaux DNA200 by Wismec/JayBo

“…Get off your horse and drink your milk…and strap on those BIG-BOY-BATTERY pants coz there’s a new Sheriff in town…”
Dr B’ picks 3: Reuleaux DNA200 HERE



B’s BEST (regulated)

BOX MOD 2015…

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Untitled drawing

XCube II by Smok

“…All the colours of the rainbow, an all-rounder, and a snip of the price of some of the higher-end competition, XCube II has an abundance of tech’ and innovation going on…FIRE-(BAR) me up!”
Dr B’ picks 3: Smok X Cube II HERE

smok xcube proof with tfv4

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